3 Stage Breathing Air Filter Regulator with coalescing + carbon filters 1/4 3/8 1/2

Brand: Shako Co Ltd


Width 64.00
Height 247.00
Length 192.00

£165.00 £282.86
Price Ex Vat: £137.50

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3 stage breathing air filter system UFR-UMFB-UMFKB

Port sizes: 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 BSP thread, option NPT thread.
Pressure: 0.5 to 10 Bar (regulator is lockable), tested 15 Bar
Bowls: Polycarbonate fast mount safety twist lock with bowl guard, option Acid Alkali resistant or Aluminium bowls.
Drain: semi-automatic standard, option manual drain.
Ambient temperature: 0 to +60°C.

Comprises a 5μ pre-filter to remove particles larger than 0.01mm and 90% of any water, and a 0.5 to 10 Bar pressure regulator.
Then 0.01μ Red coalescing filter that traps remaining oil, water and particles larger than 0.00001mm
Finally, a Green Activated charcoal filter that traps any biological particles and any remaining oil vapour and odours giving technically absolutely clean air to give filtration down to 0.003ppm for the highest demanding air applications and provides safe, breathable air for the spray booth.

Supplied boxed with 2x mounting brackets and screws, pressure gauge, blanking plug and full instructions.

Every unit is factory assembled, flow, function, leak and 15 Bar pressure tested and silicone free so is ideally suited for spray booth air.

Spares from stock: (see related products below)

Filter elements: full set or individually (NUN0010036) 5 micron PE, (ZH04H) Red 0.01 coalescing + (ZH04HCA) Green activated charcoal.

Filter bowls: (ZGUF02B) Polycarbonate, ZGUF02BA acid/alkali resistant or (ZGUF02BAL) Aluminium.

High quality and performance is a result of more than 50 years manufacturing experience and dedication to total reliability.

This unit has passed EN12021 Air Quality Test for Breathing Air (see Breathing Air Test PDF above) 3.6 Bar compressed air supplied by HYUNDAI HY70100P Compressor.

User Reviews

Shaun on Aug 24, 2020

Excellent delivery as usual, been replacing existing units with this far better system for half the money! The EN12021 Breathing Air Quality Test report for added piece of mind. A+++ recomended. Thank you. Shaun

William on Jul 2, 2020

Very impressed. Quick delivery, unit is very well made compact modular system and supplied with gauge brackets and everything you could need. Might suggest you consider a floor stand and possibly a quick connect coupling option. Good flow, air is very clean in fact we checked the air purity before spraying and this unit is actually delivering cleaner dryer air than the other ones we used to buy at double the price. Thank you very much - A+++ review to you.

LIz Evans on Mar 23, 2020

Quick delivery engineer says its a nice filter set he appreciated the well written instructions and we especially like the fact that spare filter elements are from stock at very reasonable prices. Liz xx

Ayers on May 18, 2018

Surprisingly good value for the money. Now that I have them I would suggest you increase the price, as these appear very cheap online and this did originally put me off. If you do put the price back up can I still have them at the original price please...not wanting to shoot myself in the foot here. Matt.

Sky on May 10, 2018

I read the reviews before buying and they are correct - nice unit, well made and very good value for money. Thanks for the catalogue too. Sky Wang.

Steve on May 13, 2017

Half the price of the metalwork ones and these are much better than expected for the price, quick next day delivery too. Good modular system, good flow, compact and lightweight. I particularly like the filter status glass, a dial and gauge would be better. I know this goes against the grain, but maybe these are too cheap and might put others off buying, if you change please keep this price for me as I can sell lots more. Might also suggest you consider a better picture with the mounting brackets that are included and possibly a ball valve on the outlet. A+ rating. Steve K

Martin on Mar 4, 2017

Great service and delivery, love the product, does what it says on the box and comes complete with 3 mounting brackets and 6 screws and gauge. Hey guys, just need 2 brackets mate, whats the third for? Will buy more of these at this price if you can hold onto this deal. ++++++++++++++Glad to hear you like our products, the extra bracket was initially a mistake but then customers liked the spare bracket and screws as either loose screws or need to relocate system between spray jobs.

SGD on Mar 1, 2017

Nice piece of kit to be honest, had been paying £298.00 for orange ones with the only benefit of a cheap ball valve, but NO FILTER STATUS GAUGE!! I can safely say we will not be paying £300 for the Ebay ones any more. This is my third order with you and your replacement BA filter elements are well priced too. A+++

Burnham on Feb 27, 2017

Good service unit arrived next morning by DPD, is as described in fact I was mildly surprised by quality. Had expected cheap but in fact appears to be good system. I would recommend this product and would be happy to buy another one.

Cornford on Jan 18, 2017

My 5 units arrived Next day, all assembled ready to go. I have installed the first one and I must say that I am initially quite impressed with flow and ease and accuracy of pressure regulation. I had expected something not so shall we say "High Quality" for the price. After researching the Shako Brand, I can see that you have obviously found a trusted manufacturer with nearly 50 years of FRL manufacturing know-how behind them. well done and thank you for your support.

S Ireland on Nov 7, 2016

excellent service, next day delivery and very well made air filtration set. The filter performance indicator is a major plus, the flow performance is very good too. I will suggest our head office gives you a supplier reference and we organise a credit account. Thanks. Steve.

Mindaugas on Oct 20, 2016

To be honest I am not pleased having to wait 1 week for delivery. I understand it is a new addition to your range AND that it does state pre-order, but I had expected maybe a couple of days. Other than that, its a good product, well made and performs well. So I rate 90% product and price, 20% service. I think you should stock these and you did say that will happen soon. So hurry up, I might order more as and when I see stock status IN STOCK. Yes Mindgas we have noted this and as from 1st November we will be stocking these in 1/2"BSP being the most popular size. Sorry for the initial waiting period though, if you buy anything else from the store we have allocated an additional 10% discount to your account until the end of this year, which will be deducted at the checkout process.

Jonathan on Oct 18, 2016

Ordered a this coalescing filter regulator air filtration set which arrived as promised 1 week later. I might suggest you stock these in 1/2BSP as I think you're going to sell a lot of these for this price / quality. Other than that very impressive it is too, the filter status signal is a major advantage as the previous make I bought do not have this and we had no way of knowing the flow / filter element status. We have decided to upgrade all of our 3 stage filter sets to your Shako system as our team much prefer these, the air is completely clean and without any odour and the flow has improved to give a better quality finer paint spray finish. Thank you for your kind attention to detail. Jonathan D

Suzanne on Oct 17, 2016

I was looking for a 3 stage air filter regulator for our paint spray shop. This was by far the cheapest one and when ordered arrived the next day. Now, my boss complained to me that I bought the wrong one, but after this arrived he apologised to me as these are better than the previous ones and about 30% cheaper too!! Thank you, now he has to make the tea whilst I glare at him for a change!! I am now allowed to buy anything I can from you as a trusted source. And might I add, well deserved too. Thank you.

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