ISO9001:2015 Quality

Customer satisfaction takes precedence at Solenoid Valve World, constituting our highest priority.

This objective is accomplished through a relentless pursuit of enhancing the cost-effectiveness and performance of our entire product line and operational procedures.

To facilitate a culture of continuous improvement, we have surpassed ISO9001-2015 compliance by establishing a comprehensive global system. This system meticulously monitors, records, and analyses each interaction with both our suppliers and customers. By integrating advanced systems that enhance the effectiveness of our people, ideas, processes, and supplier relationships, we strive to minimize defects, complaints, and our environmental footprint.

This comprehensive worldwide performance enhancement endeavour is denoted as Precise Quality Control (PQC).

The PQC program is a meticulously planned and structured initiative that furnishes the blueprint and direction for all our sustainability efforts. This program is underpinned by several guiding principles:

1. **Quality First:**

Prioritising customer satisfaction by emphasizing product and process quality.

2. **Serving Our Customers:**

Nurturing growth through strong partnerships and enduring relationships with our customers.

3. **Environment, Health, and Safety:**

Safeguarding natural resources and ensuring the well-being of our employees.

4. **Team Force:**

Equipping and empowering individuals to work collaboratively in teams, actively striving for and contributing to continuous improvement.

5. **Managing Innovation:**

Propagating best practices throughout the entire organization, ensuring the effective management of innovation.

6. **Supplier Manufacturing Processes:**

Continuously focusing on methods to eliminate variability and enhance efficiency in our supplier manufacturing processes.

7. **Supply Chain Management:**

Collaborating closely with suppliers to optimize performance and minimize waste in the supply chain.