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WRAS Actuated Ball Valves

WRAS approved and certified 2 way full flow ball valves fitted with electric motor actuator.
Electric actuated - power to open and power to close, power off stays in position.
Failsafe - Power to move valve power off valve will automatically return to failsafe position.
Smart - LED screen with button over ride and valve status, can be power open/close, failsafe, modulating, wireless or modbus control.

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1/4 to 2" motorised WRAS ball valve
WRAS 2 way ball actuated valve Power Open/Power Close Compact actuated CNX20 quarter turn IP67 ISO52..
£395.95 £237.58
Ex Tax: £197.98
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1/4 to 2" failsafe motorised WRAS ball valve
CNX20 Failsafe quarter turn IP67 ISO5211 actuated ball valve, 10-15 Second actuation ultra compact, ..
£518.71 £311.23
Ex Tax: £259.36
1/4 to 2" modulating motorised WRAS ball valve
CNX Smart Modulating 4-20mAmp compact IP67 ISO5211 actuator fitted to WRAS 2 way ball valve sizes 1/..
£575.18 £345.11
Ex Tax: £287.59

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